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Gravity Forms 2.5 Review - Best Wordpress Form Builder? 

Want to STOP Losing Valuable Leads in 2021?


Gravity Forms 2.5 Releases April 27 2021.  Is it STILL The Best Wordpress Form Builder?


What will you get from it?

Let's Look at What Makes Gravity Forms 2.5 the Best WP Form Builder in 2021

Better for Accessibility

Now WCAG 2.1 AA compliant!  Ensuring your Wordpress websites are accessible is even more important now, and this update makes it EASY!

No More Pesky CSS Ready Classes

The drag and drop portions of the editor are particularly enhanced.  It was good before. Now it's great.


Featuring intuitive drag-and-drop column control for up to 4 columns, as well as new markup, new styles, and a refined editor that more closely resembles the Gutenberg user interface, this form editor is a welcome new addition.

Real-Time Setting Alteration  Updates

As you change your settings, the form updates gracefully, so you can make the right decisions, faster than ever.

File Uploads?

Especially now...

  • Let Your Users Easily Drag & Drop or Upload Files to You!

  • Perfect for Covid times...

  • You can set how long the files stay on your server, and then auto-delete them after X amount of time you choose.

Grab It Here

Additional Improvements

If You Run Wordpress... You Want to Get This NOW more than ever

Conditional Logic Improvements

The conditional logic editor has been enhanced.  The fly-out mode is helpful for user-focus, and adds more room for your complex conditional-logic formulae.  Anyone who has worked with Gravity forms before 2.5 knows it is already extremely useful due to these conditional logic features, but this takes it up another level.  Thanks guys!

Markup Enhancements

Accessibility, usability, and extensibility just got a boost for new forms, and legacy forms gracefully default to legacy markup (so no sudden surprises!)

Resize Columns by Handles Now

Sizing for the web can be a pain.  2.5 adds column handles you can drag back and forth to get your column sizing just right, adding another feather to the cap of speed and efficiency improvements.

Scripts are Deferred to the Footer

Hello page-load and performance gains!  Another welcome improvement to an already stellar lineup, by deferring the scripts to the footer, we anticipate some significant page speed benefits.

Just Get It You Will thank me

woman happy about gravity forms

YES it's that good.

And we've barely scratched the surface for what it can do.

Click Here To Get It

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